Marta Jakobovits at the Rah Art Residency in Iran

Marta Jakobovits undertook the esteemed Rah Art Residency in Iran 

Rah residency is a non-profit art organisation committed to supporting artists, curators, researchers and writers on an international level as well as engaging the local community in Tehran area with residency, exchange and year-round public programmes. 

The residency space in an old building in Tehran, a Pahlavi (see our article ‘Collections: from Keynes to the Empress Farah Pahlavi’) Dynasty House in Tehran. It was chosen because of architecture originality, with a special accommodation and inspiring space for residents. However Rah residency as a multidisciplinary space, focuses on contemporary art, research and dialogue rather than on traditional production formats. The programme aims at the inter-cultural exchange of individual experiences, professional development, international cooperation, and to professionally support contemporary artists in establishing and developing their work.

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