There are a number of exciting reasons for collecting art such as for pleasure, passion, cultural ambition, patronage, to leave a legacy, for investment or for a combination of such reasons. Whether you are collecting for the first time or you are a seasoned collector adding to your collection, Elizabeth Xi Bauer can help guide you through every aspect. We operate with discretion at all times and offer a tailor made service based on your needs.

Our qualified international award winning team of art world experts, who operate within the cultural network, apply the art world’s tried and tested validation procedure on each and every artist and artwork. Each international artist has already garnered much success, which is clear to see (the top art schools, awards, international exhibitions, biennales, collected by esteemed institutions and private collections etc.) but they are also gaining traction – see the similarities between the artists and renowned art world figures in the Artist Comparisons

“We appreciate that the collector is entering at this exciting progression stage. The seeds were planted long ago and the plants are now about to blossom into flower and fruit” – The Elizabeth Xi Bauer Team

At Elizabeth Xi Bauer, our current artwork prices represent an accessible entry point for collectors who are focused on cultural ambition and patronage. In a sense, one is reinvesting in the artist fostering further growth as a large percentage of the purchase price is received by the artist. Likewise, we at Elizabeth Xi Bauer reinvest in our long term work as a platform promoting the artists around the world. The privileged few who enter at this stage will, therefore, be rewarded by accessible prices as their primary market privilege. We believe in utilising small budgets and that large budgets can be an obstacle to success. This stance helps to train the eye and concentrates the mind to seek out the highest quality for equitable value. Keynote examples of collectors who only used small budgets are the Vogel’s and the Herbert’s.

For more information on these collectors as well as other renowned examples read Collections: from Keynes to the Empress Farah Pahlavi

There exist 2 primary strategies for collecting:

1. A broad encyclopaedic approach: horizontal collecting buying in breadth whereby there is little or no common link between the pieces.

2. An in-depth approach: vertical collecting is to be favoured as this strategy is concentrated and provides a deeper insight into the development of an artist. Historically successful collections have been built with: a common theme, specific art movements, a focus around a nexus of artists, a set of medium

Read the detailed report Success Strategies for a Valuable Art Collection
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You, the Collector 

The collector, at any experience level, is a key part of the art world’s network – the powerful trifecta: the artists, the specialists and the collectors. Everyone plays their part in this symbiotic relationship. Play your part, be responsible and enjoy the benefits that come with such a privilege. At Elizabeth Xi Bauer, we believe that the starting point for any art collection is knowledge and passion. A collection based on cultural ambition will yield an infinitely more enjoyable variety of dividends than a mere monetary approach.

A win-win: the best of all possible worlds

How it Works

Once you have chosen your artwork and payment is received and cleared leave the rest to us. The process is straightforward and enjoyable. Everything will be clearly explained to you during the process.


You may choose your own delivery service or we can advise you. Every artwork is stored at Crown Fine Art London, one of the finest art storage facilities in the world, used by Christie’s and Sotheby’s internationally.

Once delivery is complete please take your artwork (and sign for it) and enjoy. Alternatively, if you would like to store the work we can advise you on storage options in this country or internationally.


Depending on the nature of the artwork and your experience, you can consult us if you would like a specialist team to help you install your artwork – most artworks require a straightforward hanging or placement. We will also discuss your framing and plinth options if necessary. You may want curatorial advice regarding where to place the artwork in relation to your existing artworks and décor. Elizabeth Xi Bauer is always here to advise you, for example about how to care for your artwork.


For each artwork we will provide a:

– Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
– Provenance (verification of your unbroken chain of ownership from the artist)
– A Condition Report (if appropriate)*
– Contract
– Proof of delivery (if we are arranging delivery)

*As part of the validation procedure carried out by our team of art world experts the artwork’s condition was discernibly a key factor. Most artworks will not need a Condition Report. However, for older historical artworks a Condition Report is standard practice in the art world.