If you are a business looking to start or enhance an art collection Elizabeth Xi Bauer can help.

Art collecting is a megatrend. Over the past 50 years, the most important patrons of the arts have been corporations (International Directory of Corporate Art Collections). Almost the same number of artworks are in museums and institutions as in corporate collections.

The world’s top corporations have vast collections and enjoy a host of beneficial force multipliers, which meet their corporate needs; PepsiCo, Simmons & Simmons, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Microsoft for example. They realise that art collecting is a win-win situation, which in turn allows them to interpret, adapt and even enjoy unforeseen events, a Black Swan.

To see the long term benefits of corporate art collecting – improving the office environment, publicity, marketing, global outreach opportunities, promote your corporate identity and image, win business, leave a legacy, philanthropy and supporting culture, stimulate divergent thinking and innovation, and the investment potential – click here

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Elizabeth Xi Bauer is well placed to help you follow this megatrend. Through our work, we aim to build collections of the highest quality. We can help you develop a collecting strategy that best fits the history, ethos, values, identity, uniqueness, needs and ambitions of your company. With our expertise and tailor-made service, you can collect innovative and thought-provoking artworks by talented professional artists. Every artist is qualified through the art world’s tried and tested validation procedure by our team of art world experts. Our team are specialists in artwork selection, curation, installation, lighting, education, and publication design.

Elizabeth Xi Bauer has significant connections with blue chip entities who have important collections. We have interviewed Pictet Group, Deutsche Bank, Minsheng Bank and Alpha Bank for instance. Such interviews help one to garner the internal workings and thoughts behind some of the most successful corporate art collections in the world. An institution which seeks to bring together such collections and professionals is the IACCCA (the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art). We have close links to the organisation, who invited us to attend their International Symposium in Amsterdam in honour of their ten-year anniversary and published our subsequent report. Within the global art world’s cultural network, we have important connections with top universities, museums and institutions; such as the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal College of Art, the Capital Museum in Beijing and the Shangshang Museum, the biggest private non-for-profit art museum in China.

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