Warm Sun Cold Rain: São Paulo Chapter

24th November – 17th December 2023
Private View 23rd November 2023

Following on from the Brussels chapter, which opened in September 2023, works by Theodore Ereira-Guyer, along with works by 12 artists: Alexandre Canonico, Arorá, Ana Mazzei, Anderson Borba, Carolina Cordeiro, Darks Miranda, Juan Casemiro, Laura Belém, Lin Yi Hsuan, Monica Ventura, Raphaela Melsohn, and Zé Tepedino, were exhibited at a large exhibition space in São Paulo.

This exhibition is the second partnership between Elizabeth Xi Bauer Gallery and The Bridge Project, curated by Julie Dumont:

“São Paulo, a land of multifaceted terrain and communities, is a vertical city: vibrant, and fast. Works by artists from Brazil, the UK and Taiwan will be brought together for the São Paulo chapter of this collaboration between Elizabeth Xi Bauer and The Bridge Project. Each artist reflects on the concepts of belonging, identity, nostalgia, and connection. São Paulo is a city of juxtapositions bustling against each other: scorching sun and deluging rains; the sunlight falling between towering buildings before the night brings a fluorescent glow of streetlamps; and the shimmer of the Cruzeiro do Sul constellation. Warm Sun Cold Rain tries to capture what may constitute a perception of Brazil: a melting pot of culture; a city simultaneously decaying and blossoming”

The exhibition space: Galpão Cru, Rua Cruzeiro, 802, Barra Funda, São Paulo

The Bridge Project is a curatorial platform based in São Paulo, created by Julie Dumont, active mainly between Brazil, Brussels, and New York, which aims to create dialogues between artists from different continents and career stages, in exhibition contexts, such as independent spaces, collections, art galleries and institutions.