From 1st August 2023, artists Theodore Ereira-Guyer and Juan Casemiro began a monthlong residency proposed by Brazil based curatorial initiative The Bridge Project in collaboration with Elizabeth Xi Bauer and hosted by ZSenne Art Lab in Brussels. An exhibition of works produced in residency, along with works by artists Anderson Borba and Darks Miranda was held, which opened on 2nd September at ZSenne Art Lab.

Warm Sun Cold Rain: Brussels Chapter is a first collaboration between The Bridge Project and Elizabeth Xi Bauer. The second chapter of the exhibition will take place in São Paulo in November 2023.

This exhibition conveyed each artist’s subjective take on their historical, geographical – almost geological – and sociological surroundings. Imaginary or real landscapes melt and fuse; sculptures revest anthropomorphic or zoomorphic qualities; while whimsical creatures dance with ghosts from the past. In this peculiar ballet of references and identities, the Brazilian sun warms the northern European rainy days, bridging cultures in a shapeshifting common memory.

The exhibition was from September 2nd until September 9th at ZSenne Art Lab, rue Anneessens 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.