Infinite Unica: A Collection of Posters

By Giulia Damiani.

This publication relates to three weeks of poster-making and reflections in Jordan by writer Giulia Damiani in collaboration with The Studio based in Amman and the artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer. Besides the rich history of printing techniques and political messages behind the proliferation of posters, we focused on the liberating facet of this printed object: as the artist André Breton famously claimed “one publishes to find comrades!”.

Considering how the traditional role of print is being threatened by the new digital world, we have have generated posters, artworks and thinking which reinforce the ideas of ‘infinite’ and ‘unicum’: the potential of prints from the same plate or source to be singular, each one different, multiple objects that can be reproduced in sequence but encircle individual marks and impurity; as well as the permutations offered by their difference, the repeatable nature of their inconsistent particularity – the plural uniqueness, unica, created through a single matrix. These qualities make print, and posters, de facto irreplaceable.


Our work set out to produce examples in opposition to the current news on the alleged death of print; a crucial change that has been announced repeatedly over the last two centuries but which never happened. Alessandro Ludovico’s book Post-Digital Print has been a major influence on our research in this field.

Posters have been thought as spaces for optics and acoustics. Posters as creators of the poster space; a space made of sentences, statements or whispers, materials, surfaces, but also continuity achieved through the sharing of ideas between one individual and many others.


(In the picture above some of the posters produced during the workshop Infinite Unica; for more information on the publication you can contact Giulia Damiani)