Cătălin Marius Petrișor Hereșanu

Cătălin Petrișor is a visual artist based in Romania. After graduating in 2004 from the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, he exhibited at the IBCA Biennale in Prague, during which his artworks were purchased for the permanent collection of the Czech National Gallery. His 2015 solo show at the Mind Set Art Center in Taipei deconstructed the sense of depth and narrative of painting, to achieve an honest revelation of the potential of this medium. He also exhibited at the Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Many of Petrișor’s works are inspired by cut-outs from photographs. His practice develops structures, which redefine the limits of the artwork: graphite drawings grow from within the canvas to the exterior surface, generating displaced creations.

Petrișor is a multidisciplinary artist who favours the field of painting. He has exhibited globally in countries including France, USA, Austria, Russia and China among others. His work has been collected by De Nederlandsche Bank’s Art Collection.


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