Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Kochi-Muziris Biennale – The 3rd Edition 

Vision Statement by the Curator Sudarshan Shetty 

To draw from mythical accounts of the land of seven rivers, set amidst seven seas, anchored by a mountain at its navel. The river breathes life into the land as they are fed by countless tributaries rivers which change course, directed by winds, stopped by human actions, swallowed by floods, vaporized by the sun, filled again by rain and invoked into existence by poets. As rivers flow, overflow and recede, can a biennale accumulate meaning over time and spill into the future? The flow of these streams, their convergence, and divergence inspires a series of questions and propositions about the varied forms and approaches to knowledge presented by the objects performed as part of the Biennale. One of these rivers – a hidden river, whose sightings are elusive and ephemeral – exists in our belief and imagination. Knowing nothing of its origins or its end – quests to find this hidden river give rise to narrative, story, poetry and perhaps to language itself.

Coming soon: An Interview with the Co-Founder and President Bose Krishnamachari, the Curator Sudarshan Shetty and one of the participating artists representing India Subrat Kumar Behera